Private Placement Bonds

GIFA Financial Instruments offers a fixed income Private Placement Programme (PPP) directly to potential clients. Our team consists of experts with superior knowledge of the financial industry. Our fixed Income Private Placement Programme (IPPP) delivers high yield returns. The bespoke programme relates solely to the client’s individual requirements. Our fixed income bonds are strictly confidential and are not publicly issued or publicly traded. As a result, they are not required to be rated by a credit rating agency. Our private placement bonds that are issued without pledging collateral are termed Senior Unsecured Private Placements. As the issuer of the bonds, we are directly and fully responsible for the repayment of the bonds based on its full faith and credit.

Bond Structure:

  • 100% recourse to the issuer and its full faith and credit.
  • Direct, unconditional and unsubordinated senior bonds [secured or unsecured].
  • Minimal deduction for annual trustee fee.

Bond Terms:

  • $500,000 to $1 billion dollars.
  • TTM interest calculation.
  • Amortization schedule (A RM) bonds are paid-off by the end of its set terms.
  • Our bonds pay an annual return net of 16%. Qualified investors may contact us for further detail.

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